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Hasselhoff Chat Show

Lil Dave went to meet up with his Uncle MacDave on August 21, 2012 to hang out and see his show The Monkey with Banana on his Face (similar to The Boy with Tape on his Face – I wonder who copied who?!).

We walked around the Royal Mile and saw more performance art advertising shows around the Fringe Festival.


I went to get a haircut.  The lady really got into cutting my hair like she was competing for best Edinburgh hairdresser of the year.  I think the haircut took 30 minutes.  I got my hair short again since with the layers my hair looks really full.  I think I’m going to keep it short for awhile.

We rushed to The Tim Vine Chat Show.  We love Tim Vine who’s known for his quick one-liners and puns. 


I think he was testing out a game show where he’s a chat show host.  Everybody filled out a paper at the beginning where they stated what they did for a living and an interesting story.  We didn’t fill one out since we didn’t want to be chosen. 

Tim Vine told some awesome jokes.. he’s hilarious!! He even talked to us since we were sat in the front row.  The Chat Show was 4 guests from the audience with interesting jobs (well, some of them were) like a movie promoter?? who’s promoted such movies like Batman?.  The Chat Show part was alright… I prefer Tim’s comedy show instead.  I’m glad we got lots of jokes still.

We had lunch at Italiano on the Mound again.  The roasted vegetables on ciabatta is the best sandwich for sure – I think the pesto makes it! 

Ivan and I did souvenir shopping.

Later, we went to see An Evening with David Hasselhoff.  David Hasselhoff is weirdly really popular in Germany for his singing.  I’m not really sure why though.  He sang a lot of songs like some song from Les Miserables that I bet nobody knew and too many love songs that he sings.  The Germans were getting into it.  It was a rather odd show… there was limbo where people go low and people from the audience joined it.  I didn’t know what to expect with the show.. but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.

For dinner, we went to our favorite vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh, David Bann. 


Ivan and I shared tofu, mushroom ravioli, goats cheese salad and a lovely orange cake for dessert.  The wine was a lovely Viognier Trivento Tirbue from Argentina again – it went well with the ravioli.

Next, we went to check out another Fringe show this time a ventriloquist named Nina Conti.  She’s been around for years.  She was amazing and her characters were all very different.  She even took of the clothes of one of her characters which was odd since seeing it without any clothes on made me think of Cabbage Patch dolls.. the puppets looked similar.  I loved the character Monkey and her grandpa was very funny as well.

Our last show of the evening was a play called Wrecked.  This show we saw being advertised on the stages on the Royal Mile.  This play was about a kid who’s dad comes back into his life after a long time since he was in jail.  He was always told that his dad committed a robbery a long time ago, but later we find out it his crime was much more sinister. 

The kid thinks his dad is cool, but things go wrong one day… when his dad almost beats a Muslim to death when he finds out that the guy did his son wrong. 

The crime of the dad was that he raped a little girl… also, he sexually abused his daughter and beat up his mom.  The kid thinks his mom died of cancer, but it really was that she got beaten up so much. 

It escalates when he has to help out his dad get out of a fix and he realizes that his dad is only looking out for himself when he doesn’t save him from a bad guy who wants to get revenge from his twin sister getting raped years ago. 

This play was AMAZING!! Wow, the story was very unique and the acting was brilliant.  I’m so glad we got to see this play and it was definitely the best show we’ve seen at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

We found out that our friend Jo was coming to the Fringe Festival from London for one day with his two friends.  Ivan and I thought it was strange because there’s lots to do in Edinburgh and one day isn’t enough especially since they were driving 7 hours each way.  Also, Jo doesn’t really like theatre.. so we weren’t sure what he was going to see.  Ivan thought he might be seeing an Indian play since Jo is Indian (Indian as in from Indian apposed to American Indians). 

Ivan texted Jo earlier, but Jo never texted us back.  We figured maybe he was sleeping after the long drive.  We wanted to meet up with him for dinner, but he never got back to us.  Ivan knew that his friends were going to see a play at Space… so, we decided to go there after our last show to see if Jo ended up going to that show with his friends.  We really wanted to see him since we probably won’t be able to see him for years (since he’s moving to Copenhagen, plus we’re not sure if he’ll be able to travel to Las Vegas to see us since his wife was born in India… we’re not sure how easy it would be for her to get a visa to come to America). 

Ivan and I waited outside in the courtyard and had a cider.  We saw Jo exit the Space theatre with his two friends.. but he didn’t see us.  So, Ivan and I thought we should secretly follow him.  Jo was chatting awhile with his friends just standing there.. finally, they started walking and we followed suit.  They stopped at another place while Ivan and I hid behind a fence.  So far they still hadn’t spotted us.  Ivan thought I should go up to them and beg for money in a British accent.  I’ve been trying to talk in an English accent since I don’t like my American accent (which is boring)… also, I don’t want our kids growing up with a weird sounding American and British accent.. believe me, I’ve heard a similar combination being Australian and American and it sounded rather odd.

So, I pulled my fuchsia hood over my head (to cover my head) and went over to Jo and his friends.  I said “Can you spare some change?” in an accent that I thought sounded British.  I held out my hand to all his friends first.  Jo said “Oy!” and grabbed my hand since he recognized my voice.  I said “Why are you grabbing me?” and ran off.  I wasn’t sure if Ivan saw this.  I tried to hide in case Jo came running after me.  I saw Ivan pop his head around the fence.  I motioned for him to come my way.  He put his hood over his head and walked towards me.  I told him what happened.  He left and went to talk to Jo.  I was still in hiding.  I came out and we started chatting to Jo and his friends Fish (obviously Fish is a nickname… although it did look like he ate A LOT of fish.. hence the nickname?! Probably not…)and Sunil.  I asked Jo why he didn’t chase after me. 


He said he knew our tricks and that we’d be there to chat with him soon. 

It was great seeing Jo again since the last time we saw him was in London a few months back.. and we thought we wouldn’t see him for a long, long time.

Ivan chatted with Fish and Sunil while I chatted with Jo.  I got on a cow and didn’t think I should be on it.. so we quickly took a picture.


I asked Jo a few questions about his recent marriage in India.  It was an arranged marriage (as opposed to disarranged marriage which is just chaos!).  He’s going to be moving to Copenhagen soon and his wife will be coming over in a month and a half.  I’m happy that he’s married now… I bet he’s going to be a dad really soon.  He’s definitely one of the friends who I wished lived in Vegas… we always have fun together.

Credits: Tim Vine Chat Show photo


Kemble’s Blackbird

On August 19, 2012, Ivan and I left at 1:15 pm.  Lil Dave was going on a tour with his Uncle MacDave who lives in Edinburgh.  He’s doing a show at the Fringe Festival.

We had lunch at a great place called Italiano on the Mound.  Ivan and I both got tuna, egg mayo and anchovies on a baguette which was quite tasty.  I also tried the local soft drink called Irn Bru. 


It was a bit odd tasting and tasted like orange soda. 

Our first show was Sarah Jones: Does Not Play Well With Others.  Sarah is an Australian ventriloquist.  Sarah Jones is just starting out it seems… I did see her lips move.  She was funny, but I’ve definitely seen better ventriloquists like Ron Lucas or Paul Zerdin who’ve been around for a very long time.

We went to the post office to mail postcards and packages.  Unfortunately, their system was down so we couldn’t send the packages then.

It was time for another Fringe show.  This time it was Kemble’s Riot.  This play is about a man named Kemble and his sister during the Renaissance period.  They’re both actors and are enjoying success at one of the theatres.  Unfortunately, a fire occurs and burns down the theatre .  There’s two actors in the audience who talk during the play. 

Kemble and his sister decide to gather people to help out financially and build a beautiful new theatre.  The theatre raises the amount of the theatre tickets.  There’s a man on the right side of us who’s outraged of the new ticket price while the lady right behind us says they have to charge since they built this lovely theatre.  The angry man gathers supporters of people in the audience.  The man says “What do we want?” The new supporters chant “Old Prices”  The man says “When do we want it?” The audience replies “NOW”.  Our side was getting annoyed.  Ivan said the man should shut up.  The lady gets us to start clapping and say “We love you Kemble.  We do.”

This was an interesting play to see how people can be swayed when a group of supporters or rioters gathers.  Kemble is cocky and will not back down and lower the prices since he has lots of debt towards the theatre.  Towards the end, the group goes to Kemble’s house to protest.  Our side has now joined the rioters. 

Ivan and I went back to the post office to send off our packages.  

It started raining really hard and we wanted to go somewhere to relax.  So, we went to our favorite café Hunt & Darton for some tea. 


I love this quirky little café.  The owners remembered us and wondered what word we were doing for our project (project will be done after our trip ends). 

Next, we went to an office for a site-specific play.  We each got a visitor’s badge and told that Ray would be with us shortly.  A few minutes later, it was time to head to the lunch room in the office.  It was filthy with trash strewn around everywhere like it was a boy’s college dorm room.  There weren’t two seats available in the front, but there was one and Ivan said I should sit there.  I would rather sit by him, but it’s always nice to be close to the action – plus, I’m really short so it’s easier to see in the front row.

The play we saw is called Blackbird.  It’s about a girl who goes to see the man who raped her 10 years ago when she was 12 years old.  You start to feel like the girl Una is bugging him about his life when he just wants to forget about it.  The man, Ray,  served time in jail for his crime.  He has somebody and she knows about his crime.

You find out that the two were actually in love.  They went away to a city nearby and the man goes out to buy some candy.  He doesn’t come back right away and Una thinks that he abandoned her there since their situation wasn’t a good one.  She tries to find him around town and tells people that she was looking for her dad and describing him.  She ends up calling her parents because she thinks he’s abandoned her.  We find out that he didn’t leave her and that it was a big misunderstanding. 

This was a very powerful play which you felt really awkward at times since you felt the tension. 

At one point, you hear somebody come to find Ray.  It turns out to be a young girl in a school outfit.  Your heart seems to stop when you realize it’s a school girl and he might be doing it again.  The girl is his wife’s daughter.  The girl keeps wanting to stay with him while he finishes up, but he keeps telling her to leave.  Una thinks that he might be doing it all over again.  What an amazing play.  Very well done with some great acting. The fact that the play was set in an office, and we were literally sat in an office, made it even more powerful. It was almost as if it was real, as there was no stage,  and no theatre lighting – it was as if we were voyeurs on a real situation.

We went to the Henderson’s Bistro for dinner.  It was really bad service and the food wasn’t very good at all.  The waiter was rude and he forgot to bring the wine.  Also, the wine was written as lentil and potato on the board.. but they didn’t have that and just brought us a tomato & aubergine soup.  If they ran out of the soup of the day, they should have changed it on the board. The soup came with some sorry excuse for a pate. 


We also had the vegetarian haggis which didn’t have much flavor.  I had the smallest salad ever which had weird lettuce (the kind that looks like branches of a tree – no idea of the name).  I would definitely try to avoid this place.

It was time for our last show at The Famous Spiegeltent.  The show La Clique Royal was in a tent.  It looked like the Spiegeltent in Las Vegas for the show Absinthe.  I bet Absinthe copied this Spiegeltent in Edinburgh.  The Queen of England (or at least a guy dressed as her) introduced the acts – She was really funny. Other acts included a hot guy doing acrobatics, a burlesque who showed her tits and milk squirted out of them (too funny and unexpected) and Michelangelo the Balkan Elvis.  It was a very fun and entertaining show.


Jersey Birthday

On July 3, 2012, Ivan, Lil Dave and I went into Central London at 12:30 pm.  Ivan picked up theatre tickets at the box office while I had an interview on the phone for a magazine. Our wedding is going to be featured in a UK women’s magazine called Chat. Oh yes…we are going to be famous!!

We met up with Ivan’s mum at Princi for lunch.  Ivan and I had pasta salad, aubergine and roasted pumpkin.  We also shared a brownie for dessert.  Lil Dave got a banana pasta salad.

We all went to see the musical Jersey Boys.  It’s the story about Franki Valli and The Four Seasons.  The story was great featuring many of their hits like Sherry, Walk Like a Man, Dawn, Rag Doll and our favorite Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.  The cast had amazing voices.  I don’t know how Ryan Malloy hits those high notes so well.

Ivan and I said bye to Denise.  She was off on a ghost tour while we went to dinner.  We only had to walk two doors down to Tapasia from the theatre.

This Japanese restaurant is offering the 50% deal still before 6 pm and now they’re doing 2 for 1 cocktails from 5-7 pm.  Ivan got a tasty mango chili cocktail while I got the Pink Pokemon which has lychee and raspberries. 


We enjoyed the tofu salad, seafood okonomiyaki and sardines. It was all really yummy and very cheap with the discount!

We got the train to Sloane Square.  I thought of the Morrissey song “Hair Dresser on Fire” with the lyrics Hair Dress on Fire, All Around Sloane Square. 

We had tickets to see a play called ‘Birthday’ at the Royal Court Theatre. Ivan and I got an espresso as we were feeling like we needed a ‘pick me up’ and headed inside the theatre.  Birthday is about a man who is having a baby. 


The play has some funny moments when the man starts moaning like a woman and the midwife has to give him a suppository.  But, there’s a lot of waiting since the NHS (National Health Service) wants the birth to happen when the time is right and gives emergencies top priority.  The play was alright. Not the best…not the worse we have seen either.

Birthday Photo Credit


Abigail’s Market

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up early again on June 29, 2012.  I guess it doesn’t help that the blinds in the apartment we’re staying at arent very good and let in lots of light.  We should be sleeping more since we’re jetlagged. 

We headed into the city at 12 pm.  It was an overcast day.   We started walking over the famous Tower Bridge and it was raining hard.  The gods were certainly not very happy today!

We met up with Neal at The Draft House Tower Bridge.   Ivan and I shared a tasty, fruity Belgian beer and which was passion fruit flavored. For lunch, we shared potted smoked mackerel, ratatouille salad with toasted pine nuts and goat’s curd and chili crab linguini. 

The weather couldn’t make up it’s mind and it was now sunny. I guess we had done something now to please the gods…

We said bye to Neal and headed to the bus station.  It was time to head to Covent Garden.  Ivan and I noticed a market happening at Southbank Centre, so we decided to get off the bus early and walk to Covent Garden later.

We walked through the new Jubilee Park which has a wooden playground.  We saw the purple upside-down cow Udderbelly. 

The Real Food Market is a great farmer’s market filled with stalls of food.  Ivan said we should check it out on Sunday for lunch.  There was lots of good food, but we were stilled stuffed from lunch…Didn’t stop us from getting a few free samples though. I mean you just cant say no to some free cheese can you!!

We walked around the River Thames and saw Rainbow Park which is an installation with colored sand in a big sandbox. 


Why didn’t they have cool stuff like this when we were kids?!  Lil Dave played awhile in the sandbox with the kids.

We walked towards the bridge and saw The Poetry Takeaway


You can get a poem created for you on the spot for free.  Unfortunately, there was a long line so we didn’t get one made.

We started walking towards Covent Garden.  Ivan noticed a place to get a haircut – I’ve actually seen 3 new shops like this in London.  I read the Standard newspaper while Ivan got his hair cut.

We walked around Covent Garden and noticed a few of the cool BT Artboxes. 


It was time for ice cream!  Ivan mentioned earlier that we were getting Breast Milk ice cream.  I thought he was joking! 


They actually sell it at The Icecreamists.  We got three scoops of it for a hefty price of £20.  The breast milk ice cream was creamy and tasted really good!  I like the hats the staff wears – the girls wear patent leather policemen hats while the guys wear black French berets.  I think the guy who served was being French himself – a bit rude when he didn’t understand what Ivan was saying to him.

I was sooo very tired with jetlag.  Ivan found a place for chocolate espresso.  It was naughty – like drinking a melted down chocolate bar.  I don’t think it had that much espresso in it. 

Ivan wanted to check out the art at Somerset House.  We walked nearby and got free entry with our student cards.  Ivan and I checked out the artwork.  I’m glad that Ivan isn’t the type of person who spends hours admiring the fine details of one art piece.  Some of the pieces had a glass over the art.  I’m surprised this picture of Van Gogh didn’t have a glass over it.


We were still tired so we headed to Pret a Manger for an espresso.  I was sitting in a comfy sofa chair.  I could have fallen asleep at any moment that’s how tired I was.

We walked to Wyndham’s Theatre to see Abigail’s Party.  It’s an old play written by Mike Leigh.  The play is set in 1970’s suburbia. Beverly and her husband Laurence host a cocktail party with their neighbors Angela, her husband Tony and Sue.  At the same time, Sue’s 15 year old daughter Abigail is throwing a party across the street.  It was funny in some moments, but awkward in other moments which was part of the play.  There’s always a few tense moments with Beverly and Laurence fighting.  It wasn’t the best Mike Leigh play we’ve seen.  It was definitely gritty and real which is typical of Mike Leigh plays.


Lovely London

I woke up at 7 am on June 28, 2012 and Ivan was already up.  We were up way too early since we were jetlagged.  I still felt a bit weird.  I worked on the blog.  Ivan did some laundry. 

We left the apartment at 11 am and went to London Bridge Station to meet up with Ivan’s brother Neal at 12 pm.

It was a hot, sunny day which is strange since lately we heard it has been rainy and gloomy.  It was lovely, but a bit humid out.

Neal was on his lunch break.  We walked to Borough Market (a great farmer’s market) and walked around to find food.  Ivan and I shared a vegetable panini and a veggie burger.  We sat nearby and chatted.  Neal saw a stand selling goats cheese ice cream and everybody was wanted to try it.  Ivan and I shared a lemon and basil goats cheese ice cream which was light and tasted good.  Lil Dave got a banana goats cheese ice cream which he said wasn’t banana-y enough.

We had planned to see Noises Off, but they werent offering discounts..luckily Ivan knew of another play nearby – so we went to go see the play What the Butler Saw


It was good thing that the theatre is air-conditioned, but it was still a bit stuffy.

I am familiar with Omid Djalil (from the movie The Infidel) who plays the funny Dr. Rance. 

The play is about the psychologist Dr. Prentice.  He tries to hit on the girl who’s interviewing to be his secretary.  He tells her that she must be examined and she must remove her clothing.  Dr. Prentice’s wife comes in and she has run into her own problems by sleeping with a pageboy from the hotel she was staying at.  Dr. Rance is a corrupt official who starts questioning Dr. Prentice’s office and everything gets out of control. 

It’s really funny.  I love farces since one misunderstanding seems to lead to another and there’s always tons of hiding or characters dressing as the opposite sex. 

Ivan, Lil Dave and I were really tired.  We walked to Leicester Square and took a short nap.  There’s a clock that plays every hour and plays ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ on the bells.  It’s a really long song and kind of loud.  It woke me up. 

It was time to get some dinner.  We walked to Satsuma.  Ivan got a tofu vegetable udon while I got the tofu vegetable yaki soba.  Lil Dave got a banana ramen. 

Later, we walked to Princi which is a great Italian cafe.  The restaurant has expanded to include restaurant seating which is great because the café seating is first come, first served and is always busy. 


Ivan and I shared a tasty raspberry and walnut linzer.  We each had an espresso to keep us going.  Lil Dave decided to get a banana pie. 

We walked to Soho Theatre.  Ivan picked up tickets and was given a piece of paper to fill out.  He had to write a celebrity, place and an entertainment occupation.  The doors to the theatre wasn’t open yet – so we went to the bar to get drinks.  Ivan and I each got a tasty Swedish strawberry-lime cider. 


We got seats in the second row for Chat Show Roulette.  They’re testing a game show before they bring it to television.  The chat show host was Justin Edwards.  He would be bringing out David Schneider, Adam Riches, Katy Brand and Matt Lucas (Little Britain, Alice in Wonderland).  The guests don’t know who they’ll be playing until when they’re sat in front of the host.  The host pulls out suggestions (names, places, everyday objects and celebrities) made from the audience members to add to the story.  It was really funny.  Matt Lucas was definitely the best by playing a crime novelist who set all his detectives solving crime in Afghanistan.

I love London since there are always so many different events like this happening everyday.

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