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Modern Munich Art

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 10:30 am on September 20, 2012.  We packed everything up. 

We got the bus to the Serralves Museum.  There, we had the lunch buffet with cod, vegetable crepes and carrot soup.

Next, we went to the Serralves Museum which was funny with modern art.  It was even better than the Guggenheim Museum.


One room kept being painted black one day and then white the next day.  How very odd! 

One room had objects and then words below. 


The words below the crocodile and pig read:

The bad news: he was extremely hungry
The good news: A nice, juicy pig appeared
Another bad news: he moved recently to
Buddism to Islam – so the pork was Forbidden
FINAL good news: Actually the pig was a dressed up lamb

There was writing on the wall that was really funny. 


More random stuff we saw was a figure of a lady with flowers and leaves on it that kept moving around a room and a video of a bear.


Our last stop inside were little rooms created by students.  The small rooms were really creative.


This art gallery was great and SOO hilarious! There were so many times when were were literally laughing out loud at how funny some of the stuff was. Why cant all art galleries be like this! There was also a cool park around the art gallery which was massive.  We walked around the park and then left to find the bus stop.

We weren’t sure when the bus was coming, so we’d thought if a taxi came back we’d grab that.  A few minutes later, a taxi stopped.  The taxi drove to the apartment where we grabbed our luggage.  Then, he drove us to the airport.  He was a chatty taxi driver, and seemed to like talking about Porto.

I mailed off a package and a bunch of postcards at the post office in the airport. 

Our plane left at 5:20 pm headed from Porto, Portugal to Munich, Germany.  It was a Ryanair flight, so we weren’t sitting by each other.  The flight was 2 1/2 hours and we arrived at 8:50 pm. 

At 9:40 pm, we got the bus to Munich’s train station Hauftbahnhof. Ivan grabbed bread and pretzels filled with cream cheese and chives.  The pretzel was so tasty.  Ivan called the lady from Airbnb we’d be staying with and she said she’d meet us at the train station. 

We got the metro to Richard Strauss which was only 10 minutes away.  We met Ingrid and she drove us to her apartment nearby.

Ivan and I talked to Ingrid.  She gave us a welcome beer and a pretzel with a cheese dip.  Ingrid is a very nice German lady and we enjoyed the beer and pretzels while chatting to her about Munich and our travels.

We were tired from all the traveling and went to bed after using the internet for a short time.

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