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Clockwork Intentions

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had lunch at Italiano on the Mound again on August 20, 2012.  Ivan and I each had the tasty roasted vegetables with pesto on ciabatta.  Lil Dave had a banana and peanut butter sandwich (yup, Elvis’ favorite sandwich!).  We got the VIP seats for once which is located right in front of the window which is perfect for 2 people and of course people watching.

Next, we went to see our first Fringe show of the day.  It was the play A Clockwork Orange


It was based on the movie by Stanley Kubrick.  It was really quite good.. just like the movie with some dancing.  The actors were talented.  Ivan’s never seen the movie, but I thought it gave a good interpretation of it.  I saw a kid in the audience which I thought was odd.. since it’s very violent and disturbing just like the movie.

Ivan thought we should stop for a soup… so we had tomato soup at Circus Bistro.

We walked along the Royal Mile and there’s always stuff going on.  People promoting their shows with weird performance artists and stages where singers or actors promote their cool show.  It’s great to find cool shows this way.


We did a bit of shopping at Primark.  I bought a few things, but didn’t go crazy like I did the other day.

It was time for the play Oh, the Humanity and Other Good Intentions.  It was six 10 minute plays.  There was a coach who had an awkward confession to make (can’t even remember what it was), a spokeswoman for an airline who doesn’t quite know what to say after one of the planes crashes, a man and woman who want to fall in love – think they’re recording their ad for a dating service, one where the audience was recreating a picture from history.. so we had to act natural.  It was really weird and in my opinion pretty pointless.  A lot of people liked it from the comments I heard afterwards.  Ivan and I thought it was really odd.  Ivan read that it got good reviews.. but I’m not really sure why the play got the good reviews since it wasn’t very good.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went to dinner at the lovely vegetarian restaurant David Bann again.  Lil Dave got a banana ravioli dish with a banana salad. 


Ivan and I shared basil and mint soup, Thai fritters, mushroom & basil ravioli with tomato and basil soup and goats cheese salad with beets and raspberries.  It was another delicious meal enjoyed with a great red Argentinian wine.

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