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Porto Crawl

Ivan and I woke up early on the morning of September 19, 2012.  We returned the car at the Avis located at the airport after 10:30 am.

We got the free Avis shuttle to the airport and then we got the metro to the city. 

Ivan and I checked out the Pull and Bear Outlet.  I bought two cute t-shirts. 

We walked around Porto stopping by a pastry shop Padaria Ribeiro which we saw during the walking tour yesterday.


Ivan and I shared an egg custard tart.

Lunch was at Farol de Boa Nova with a lovely view of the river. 


The waiter gave us cod fritters and cheese which was tasty.  Lil Dave got a banana sandwich.  Ivan and I each got the cod brás which was cod, eggs, onions and chives.  It wasn’t very exciting, but apparently it’s a traditional dish. They charged us 4 Euros each for the cod fritters and cheese – they never told us about the charge.. a bit annoying when they do that, but to be fair we did eat it, and it was pretty good.

We walked to Gaia (the other side of the river) to check out a cellar tour.  The banks of Gaia are full or port wine cellars.


Porto is known for their port wines.  We walked around to find a tour that was starting soon. 

Ivan, Lil Dave and I did the Ramos Pinto tour.  It was 5 Euros each with a museum tour, cellar tour and two tastings.  We got a white and a ruby port.  Both were tasty.  Port can be very sweet.

Outside, we had fun putting our faces in the Ramos Pinto ad with the couple kissing.


Next, we came across Kopke which is the oldest port wine house.  Ivan and I shared the La Grima which is a sweet white port and a Tawney Reserve which is an tasty oakey port wine. 


It came with chocolate that went well with the tawney.  Chocolate and wine are a lovely combination!!  The two glasses of wine was only 5 Euros. 

Took the tram back.  I took an hour nap since I was feeling tired probably from all the wine we had.

We went out at 8:30 pm for dinner at Casa da Foz.    Ivan and I started off with a great shrimp & mushrooms dish in a spicy sauce.  Lil Dave got a banana pizza. 

Ivan and I shared a vegetarian pizza and a weird pasta with anchovies, but actually didn’t come with anchovies.

Lil Dave decided to take it easy and head back to the room.  It’s been awhile since he got to relax, jumped on the bed and munched bananas.

It was time for the Pub Crawl.  The starting point for the crawl was at Bar Porto com Arte.  There was an option to do a wine tasting for a separate charge.  Ivan and I didn’t do it, but got a white port wine instead.  There were lots of young people for the pub crawl.  The wine tasting took forever since the waiter kept babbling about how to taste the wine – nobody seemed to care about what he was going on about.

It was time for the first bar.  It was near the university and surrounded by college students.  It looked like a crappy café that you could get drinks on the cheap.  We were given a free orange watered down drink which tasted like Fanta.  Then, we got a beer.  The group were standing outside drinking.  It felt like being in college and being a student.  Ivan and I thought were too old for these pub crawls.  The pub crawls where they show you cool bars are interesting, but the crawls, like this one, where people just want to drink… are lame and usually boring.

We walked to Plano B nearby, but nothing was really happening.   So, we went back to get some rest.


Pub Kayaking

Ivan was already up on August 4, 2012 when I woke up at 11 am.  I woke up in the middle of night freezing since the air-conditioning was on high and very cold.  I tried to go back to sleep, but it took awhile for some reason.  I just kept tossing and turning.

Ivan bought bread and cheese for our breakfast.  I used the internet on Ivan’s laptop while he went to buy bus tickets for tomorrow’s journey.

We walked into the Old City for the kayaking trip with Adria Adventure.   Our guide was a Croatian girl.  She guided us around on the sea.  Ivan and were usually near the back since we were enjoying the beautiful views and weren’t in any particular rush.


Ivan said I didn’t have to kayak since I wasn’t contributing much.  It was nice on the water since it wasn’t as warm with the sea breeze.  I can kayak but it does hurt my arms – so I let my strong husband do all the work. The rest of the group had to keep on stop and wait for us, but like I said before, we werent in any rush and neither should anyone else have been.

We stopped in the middle of the sea.  Our guide (forgot her name!) told us about the curse of the Lokram island


Around 1023, a big fire erupted in the city of Dubrovnik.  The people in the city said they would build a monastery in the name of St. Benedict if the city was spared.  The fire was put out and the monastery was put out.  Later in the 14th century, a French army general wanted to monastery closed and the Benedectines were being driven out of the island.  The Benedict monks were very mad.  One night, the monks put on their hooded cloaks and they walked around the island with upturned wax candles which left a trail.  They went around the island three times and said “Whosoever claims Lokrum for his own personal pleasure shall be damned!”.  The monks left the island at dawn and never returned.  Many bad things have occurred to people who have owned the island like Captain Tomaševic, a wealthy man became bankrupt.  To this day, nobody is allowed to stay overnight on the island.  People who have done so have reported hearing crying and seeing ghosts.  Lil Dave said he’s heard of this island.  Crazy monkeys go party there after hours when all the people have gone. 

We passed by the nudist beach.. I was taking pictures.  This didn’t go well with the nude people.  One guy said No pictures.  I said “Catch me if you can”.  The guide said Alex!! (She was probably thinking Alex, put away your small wiener!)  Our guide said to me “Lady, you can’t take pictures”.  I thought it was funny.  If you don’t want people taking pictures of you.. don’t go nude!  I know it’s immature, but it’s still funny.  Nobody in our group thought it was funny as all of them seemed really boring. Ivan said to the guide ‘Its okay we are not taking pictures….we are taking video!!’. It was a joke of course, but the guide thought I was serious and didn’t really see the funny side of it.


The views of the scenery around us was beautiful.

We stopped at a cave for lunch and swimming.

Then, we headed back.  It was a lovely day for kayaking.  I really enjoyed it.  I’m drawn to water for some reason (maybe because I’m a Pisces or maybe I just like water!).. I love kayaking and swimming.  It felt lovely and peaceful out there.

I wasn’t feeling so well probably from being seasick.  It was time to chill back at the place.

Dinner was at a vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Nishta.   There was also a raw menu.  Ivan and I started off with carmelized tofu and pinaepple skewers and a lovely sunrise soup.  Lil Dave started off with a banana and cherry skewers with a cream sauce.  Ivan and I then got a wonderful Indiastic which comes with dahl, palak paneer, vegetable curry with naan bread and rice. 


Lil Dave got a banana burrito with a great sour cream and green sauce.  For dessert, Ivan and I shared a brownie with raw ice cream.  It turned out to be a lovely meal.

Later that night, we walked around the cool Old Town checking out the souvenir stalls and shops.  Dubrovnik has great postcards and souvenirs.  We finally found rakia in glass bottles as souvenirs here! 

It was time for the Tower Pub Crawl.  The group consisted of 30 people – a big mix of people like French, South African, Americans, Australians and Italians.  The first bar was a cool beach bar called Lazareti.  It was outside with a DJ playing and you could go on the rocky beach.  

One of the pub crawl guides was an American guy from Seattle.  said hello in the street to an English guy.  The English guy was recently on the Tower Pub Crawl and he stole a Croatian flag whilst drunk.  It turned out badly with him getting beaten up by the locals and going to jail. 

The first hour was free beer, wine or shots (half juice and half vodka).  Ivan and I had some wine and a juice shot.


It was a fun night with the French guys mimicking Batman characters to me (since one had a Batman shirt) with me laughing coz I had no clue what they were saying.  It was English, but I’m not sure WHO they were actually portraying.  I said Say it in French since in my drunken state I thought it would be EVEN funnier – but sadly they didn’t do it.  I remember telling the French guy in the blue Superman shirt about kryptonite. I told him why did the bad guys never kill Superman with  kryptonite.  I said they KNEW where to find it.. somebody must have been controlling it… I said they kept him around because he is so cute (since I thought the French guy was cute) and then I would pinch his cheeks. I think I was one of the oldest at the pub crawl, but seemed to be having the most fun. 

In the second bar Trocadero, there was a fight between a Croatian local and a tall South African guy.  For some reason, a small English guy tried to break it up.  He was really small – he shouldn’t be trying to break up fights, he could get hurt.  The fight happened right in front of my face.  I saw the local guy hit the South African guy. Thank goodness Ivan was there because he pulled me back right after that.  I’ve never seen a fight that close before!!  It was scary, but I wanted to know what the fight was about.  The local got thrown out, but the South African guy stayed.

The pub crawl usually goes to Revelin but it was a big night with Fedde Le Grand so we didn’t end up going there.

We heard a couple stories about why the fight occurred.  The local didn’t like the pub crawl and I guess the South African guy was saying something bad to the local guy.  The local guy called his friend and then that guy hit the South African guy.  I think that was it!


The last bar was called Mirage where we danced for awhile.  It was a fun night, not the best pub crawl we’ve been on though.  The bars weren’t the best, but it was an interesting night with the fight and me being silly with everybody. 

Ivan and I wanted something to eat.  We found a place nearby that sold vegetable flat pizzas – we bought two and headed back to the apartment.

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