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Tinker Bell Half Marathon

Ivan and I were up at 4 am on January 20, 2013 for the half marathon.  Ivan ate oatmeal and we both got ready.

We left the hotel early and walked to the start of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon.  Ivan didn’t think it was that cold so he took off his long sleeve shirt.  He would definitely warm up while running.


Ivan left to join Group B which would start a few minutes after Group A started.  I left him at 5:10 am and started walking towards Downtown Disney.

It was cold for me since I wasn’t running, but I’m glad I had my big jacket.

I waited in between the entrances of California Adventure and Disneyland for Ivan to run by.  I wasn’t sure what time he started.  I was signed up to get the text race updates on the phone. 

I saw Ivan later on and yelled at him.  He waved and ran on his way into Disneyland. 

I got a text message about Ivan’s progress.  I went to find the entrance into Disneyland but nobody knew where it was.  I went to the wrong side.. I headed to the left side where the Disneyland entrance is and walked inside.  It was weird seeing Main Street so quiet.  I saw Mary Poppins and chimney sweepers there.  I walked farther along the street and saw Tinkerbell. 


Then, I saw the Disney Castle. 


Ivan ran through California Adventure after Disneyland and then through historic Anaheim which he thought was lovely.


I waited a few minutes in the VIP area which didn’t have any seats.  I didn’t see Ivan so I figured I missed him.  So, I thought I should head to the finish line.

It was a lot warmer now then earlier since the sun was out.   I walked to the finish line and sat down on the VIP bleachers seating area.  I ate a banana and made banana and peanut butter sandwiches for Ivan.  Ivan wanted to do 2 hours and it was 2 hours already, so I thought he would be by soon. 

I kept a look out for him.  A few minutes later, I saw Ivan and cheered him on.  I walked to find Ivan. 


I congratulated him and saw his cool Tinkerbell medal.  He told me it was really cool running through Disneyland and California Adventure in the dark with just the runners.  There were also bands playing and lots of Disney characters.  He stopped along the marathon route to use the toilet.  But, he said the longest lines were the people who wanted to take pictures with the characters.

Ivan’s time was 2 hours and 15 minutes. 


I was so very proud of him!

We walked back to the hotel to rest for awhile.  Ivan was thinking of taking a nap, but he ended up relaxing while he used the internet.

We walked to Bubba Gump for lunch.  Ivan and I shared salmon and a Cajun mahi mahi with grilled shrimp on top.

It was time for more relaxing in the hotel.

I drove us to Fashion Island where we checked out the home furnishings stores.  Ivan and I both liked the cool Room Service store. 


I drove us back to the Red Lion Hotel.

That night, we walked next door for dinner at IHOP.  Ivan had a spinach, mushroom and onion omelette while I had a vegetarian omelette.

It was an early night for us since we were both knackered (tired).

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