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Relaxing Ceremony

Ivan, Lil Dave and I decided to chill for the day on August 12, 2012.  Travelling can be so exhausting.. a break is needed every now and then so we can relax. Its nice to have a day where we don’t have to plan on what to do, or where to go, or where to eat at etc

We had lunch at Konoba Broscica again.  We ordered salted sardines,  a pizza with tuna and mushrooms and tuna.  The pizza came with COLD mushrooms and tuna like they forgot to put on the ingredients.  Ivan tasted it and it was not good AT ALL.  He told the waitress that they should heat it up more. We both really hate luke warm pizza.

The pizza came back and it still didn’t taste right.  The bread was stale.. probably one of the worst pizzas we’ve ever had.  It really was inedible. We told the lady that the pizza was horrible.  She didn’t charge us for it and apologized.  That’s good customer service!  I bet this restaurant realizes it’s important to treat the guests right because there’s not that many restaurants in Tisno. 

It was a relaxing day at the hotel.  We used the internet and I worked on the blog on the balcony.  What a lovely view!! It was great having fast reliable internet also, rather than a connection that continually disconnects and is slow and just really temperamental (like its been the past week in other places we have been in).

For dinner, we went to the same restaurant again.  Ivan and I got a great octopus starter for a starter. Lil Dave got a banana cannelloni.  


Ivan and I shared grilled mackerel and sea bream.  We also had some cherry rakia.  It was a great meal.

Later, we watched the Olympics Closing Ceremony on the internet while drinking fig rakia and eating nuts.


Sardines and Fireworks

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went to Tapasia on June 30, 2012 for lunch.  It’s a new Japanese tapas restaurant that’s offering 50% all food for the month of June to bring the customers in.  Lil Dave got two portions of the banana okonomiyaki. 


Ivan and I shared the salmon tartare, seafood okonomiyaki, aubergine with yoghurt hummus, sardine salad, fish of the day with shrimp and octopus and chilled tofu salad.  The food was very very VERY tasty.  We will definitely be going back there again as they are running a 50% off promotion right now (for dinner only in July) as it’s a new restaurant. The kind of deal where if there was no promotion it would be expensive food, but with the promotion its very cheap!

I noticed the giraffe BT Artbox we noticed the other day.  It’s so cute!


We had some time to spare – so Ivan thought we should get a drink at a pub.  Ivan and I shared a fruity cider.

We saw T for Telephone artbox in Covent Garden. 


We want to do a walking tour and take pictures of some of the cool artboxes.  Hopefully, we can do that next week!

Next, we went to see the farce Noises Off.  Ivan said this was the FARCE of farces!  It stars Robert Glenister from the tv show Hustle.  It’s basically a farce about a farce.  We see the cast rehearse the play Nothing on.  It’s so very farcical because there’s so much drama within the cast in normal life.  Everything really goes crazy when the cast has a big fight during one of the shows.  The cast move around so much with opening of doors and doing different things like moving around a plate full of sardines which is one of the play’s catch phrases. 

We went back to the apartment for a nap.  Ivan and I are still jetlagged so we slept an hour and a half.

We met up with Neal and his friend Dee at the Limehouse station.

Ivan, Neal, Dee and I went to the Pleasure Gardens Festival.  The festival had a few different tents where different music was being performed.  I noticed a silly Hokey Pokey tent.  Everybody was starving so we went on a search for dinner.  Ivan and I each had a Mexican veggie burger.  Ivan was still hungry after the burger, so he got an aloo tikka wrap.  I got churros with chocolate. 

We met up with our friend Andy near the entrance.  It was nice to see Andy since we haven’t seen him online.  I would love to chat about mailart and projects with him.  He’s always so busy with mailart exhibitions and projects.  I gave him a mailart project that I finished and had to pass along to a friend so they can contribute their layer.  He brought mini Andy which is a mini toy version of himself.  He’s going to travel with us on our honeymoon – Lil Dave is so excited to have a friend along on our trip.


Ivan tried to buy drinks at the bar, but there was a massive queue (line) of people waiting to be served. 

We went to go see Silo D by The World Famous.  It’s was a 20 minute pyrotechnics tribute to the Silvertown Explosion.  The show was done on the Silo D building that’s located on water.  There was some talking about the explosion with some small fireworks. 


We also saw workers of the munitions factory working.  There was a Catherine wheel that took ages to go off (which was one of a few technical difficulties).  Images were projected on the building by The World Famous, the same company who did the special effects on Buckingham Palace for Madness’ performance at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert.  It was artsy and a nice tribute to the explosion that killed 73 people and injured 400 people in 1917.  There was lots of fireworks which was nice since I won’t be seeing any 4th of July fireworks here in London.  Neal wasn’t impressed abut it – but he seems to moan about most things. 

Neal and Dee said good-bye.  Andy said he was going soon as well.  We said good-bye and headed to the dome to hear dubstep.  We had to actually exchange our tickets for wristbands.  It took a few minutes and then we entered the dome which kind of looks like half of a golf ball.  The dubstep show hadn’t started yet, in fact they were still setting up for it!  We waited a few minutes before deciding that we should just leave.  If they weren’t set up, all the shows would be moved back an hour. 

We took the train back to the Limehouse station.

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