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Dancing the Tango

Ivan and I left at 10 am on December 18, 2012 for the Brazilian Embassy.  I had an appointment today, but Ivan didn’t write down what time it was.

There was a short line at the Embassy.  We found out that my appointment is at 1:15 pm.  Brazil charges Americans to enter the country since we charge Brazilians when they enter the USA.  We had lots of time to spare.  I had to print out my bank statement and my plane ticket exiting Brazil as part of my visa requirements.  Ivan kept asking where an internet café was and we couldn’t find one.  There was supposed to be one on Santa Fe but we couldn’t find it.  We hopped in a taxi to head back to the apartment to print, but then we spotted one in the taxi.

I got my prints and then we went to lunch at Libertad Plaza Café for the salad bar.

We went to the Embassy for my appointment.  The lady asked about entry to Brazil.  We said that we were walking in at the border at Iguazu Falls.  She said you’re going to walk to Iguazu Falls from here.  No, we’re taking a bus there I said.  She wanted the bus ticket to Iguazu Falls which is in Argentina… showing a ticket to the falls doesn’t prove I’m entering Brazil.  She wrote Doesn’t have in on my visa form.  She didn’t like my bank statement since it showed October and November, she wanted to see December transactions.  I told her that was the latest statement.  She said she needed December and that I had to come back tomorrow with that statement.. I think showing tomorrow’s date.  Great! 

Ivan and I headed back to the apartment and used the internet.  We went out again at 4:40 pm.

We went shopping on Calle Florida (Florida Street).  Ivan was looking for socks, but didn’t find any.

We stopped at a mall and got our haircuts.  The guy who did my hair was being cheeky when he said he was going to dry my ends, but didn’t tell me it was 50 pesos to blow dry it.  I didn’t end up paying for the blow dry since I told the lady at reception that I just wanted a haircut.  Still not sure how a blow dry is 50 while a regular haircut is 110. 

Ivan and I hopped into a taxi to Complejo Tango.  We signed up for the tango class before the dinner and tango show.  It should start at 7:30 pm, but Ivan read that it starts closer to 8 pm which it did. 

Our teacher was a man named Alejandro.  He showed the class how to do the basic box step.  First, the women were shown the move and then the men.  After we learned it, we danced together.  Ivan and I got to dance together at first and then switch partners.  The women had to dance the whole time since there were more men.  Some partners didn’t want to change and only dance with their significant other.  I think it’s good to switch since sometimes you learn more since you’ll dance with people who are better dancers than your partner. 


The group was taught another move where girls turned on each side.  This was easy for the guys since they just had to move us to each side while we did all the work.  Alejandro is a great teacher who knows his tango moves and keeps the class laughing.

The last move had both partners move their hand up and then down.  Then, the man puts his right leg out and the girl wraps her leg around the man’s leg and both turn their heads and make a sexy face. 


I had to do all the moves that we learned with a guy from London along with three other couples so that everybody passed the class.  Good thing we didn’t mess up! 

Here’s Ivan and me striking a pose.


This tango class was so much fun.  I definitely recommend taking the class.  At the end, everybody got a certificate for passing the class.


The group headed upstairs for the dinner and tango show. 

We got to pick our 3 course meal from different options.  We both picked salad for our starter.  Ivan picked fish and I went for steak for the main course.  I’m still being bad and eating meat.  For dessert, we picked flan with dulce de leche and a brownie with ice cream.  The food was tasty and it came with unlimited wine.

The tango show was next and it featured 3 couples dancing.  It was amazing.  The dancing was erotic and very captivating. 


I was trying to take pictures, but it didn’t turn out that good since they’re constantly moving around.  Plus, I was so enraptured with the dancing that I didn’t want to stop watching.  I definitely prefer watching tango than flamenco since it’s more exciting and has more moves.  This was a great night filled with lots of wonderful tango. 

Watch some of the dancing we saw at the show:

You should definitely check out a tango show like Complejo Tango if you’re ever in Buenos Aires.  Ivan called up to book the show and haggled a good price which gave us closer seats.. we were front row right by the stage.

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