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Harry Potter Tour

I woke up at 11 am on July 16, 2012.  We packed everything up.  Ivan’s mum Denise made us hot tea with lemon (for my throat) and poached eggs (for my hungry stomach).  There was also bread but I couldn’t eat it – it hurts my throat when I eat hard foods.

Ken drove us to the train station nearby at noon.  We said good-bye to Denise and Ken.  I told Denise that I would hug her, but I didn’t want to get her sick. That and the fact that I am not comfortable with physical contact with mother-in-laws (joke).

We got the train to Victoria in Central London.  Ivan checked us in to the Easyhotel.  It’s a cheap hotel place similar to Tune Hotels where you have to pay for everything.  It’s run by Easyjet….so everything is orange..the walls, the floor…the beds…the people…

After placing our bags in the room, we went to get lunch at Pret a Manger and shopped at Boots. We then headed to the bus station nearby to board the bus for the Warner Brothers Studios tour.

It was an hour and half drive to Watford.  On the bus, we watched a video where it said kids can get a passport and get stamped throughout the tour.  I wanted a passport.

I went to the info desk and asked for a passport.  They asked how many and I said two.  I’m glad they give these out freely even to adults.

We had to wait awhile before standing in line for our tour.  I checked out the cool gift shop which is very well decorated.  You can buy everything here from sorting hats, wands, a Gryffindor notebook and scarves. 

Ivan got us the audio tour which is only 5 Euros.  It’s well worth it.  The tour is on an iPod.  It’s great because you can listen to the videos at your leisure which is great when you are waiting in the queue (line) to enter.  There’s also behind the scene pictures and sketches of costumes and wands.

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter is amazing.  These are the actual studios where every single one of the Harry Potter movies were made!


It’s very detailed and includes original sets, props and costumes.  You HAVE to go if you’re a Harry Potter fan.  Even though Ivan’s not a big Harry Potter fan, he enjoyed it.  There’s so much detail that go into making a movie.  Lil Dave wonders why there aren’t monkeys in the films.



You can buy Butterbeer outside. 


The Knight bus, the Weesley’s car, 4 Privet Drive and the house where The Potters lived are also outside.


We walked down Diagon Alley.


There’s a cool BIG model of Hogwarts at the end of the tour.


The tour ends in the gift shop.  We got the bus back at 7 pm headed back to Victoria station.  The bus arrived at 8:40 am.

Once we arrived in the room, I took a shower.  We then went to Embankment station to meet Neal.

Neal wanted to check out a Mexican restaurant, but it was a bit overpriced.  Ivan thought Wahaca would be a lot better.  Ivan and I shared guacamole, broad bean and feta quesadilla, MSC ceviche salad and courgette & cactus burrito.  It was a tasty meal.

Ivan and Neal thought we should get a drink somewhere.  Neal said if I wanted to rest we didn’t have to get a drink.  I figured we wouldn’t see him for awhile, so we should spend time together.

We went to Gordon’s underground wine bar for a drink.  Ivan and I shared a tasty port.  Ivan, Neal and I chatted about life. 

We walked back to the station.  Neal wanted to give me a handshake – I gave him a hug, after all he’s family now (that the fact that unlike the mother-in-law issues, I don’t have them with brother-in-laws..joke again). Oops, I forgot I was sick – hope he doesn’t get my stupid sickness.

Ivan and I headed back to the hotel where I worked on the blog before we went to bed.

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