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Agva Falls

On December 26, 2012, Ivan and I had breakfast at 6:30 am since there was a stop early in the morning.  The breakfast was crackers, a croissant and little sweet pastries with tea.  Lil Dave had his own bananas for his breakfast.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went back to bed.  The radio was playing music on the speakers.  I’m glad that it was over Ivan and not me.

The bus arrived in Puerto Iguazú at 12:30 pm, so it was a 17 1/2 hour journey. 

We got a taxi to Hostel Inn.  Ivan checked us in.  He asked a lady if there was an ATM outside of the falls.  There is an ATM inside the falls.  Ivan said that he had to go to the city to get money since it’s cash only for the entrance fee to Iguazu Falls.  One of the staff, a guy, said you should have thought of that before you came here.  It was rude for him to be sarcastic like that. 

We got a taxi to the town for an ATM.  We couldn’t find a place for lunch that sold sandwiches.  Ivan and I grabbed vegetarian empanadas, apples and granola bars at a pastry shop.

It was time to head to the falls.  We got a taxi to Iguazú Falls for 100 pesos.  The guy thought we wanted to go to the Brazilian side and we were nearing the Argentina border and Ivan said No, we want to go to the Argentina side. 

There was an ATM right at the entrance where you drive in – so the guy at the hostel was wrong. 

Ivan bought tickets easily since there was no line probably since it was 3:40 pm.  Ivan asked where we should go first.  The guy suggested that we take the train to the Garganta del Diablo Station and from there walk 1000 meters to the Devil’s Throat Balcony.  Then, we take the train to the Cataratas Station and check out the numerous viewpoints for the different falls.

So, we took the very slow train to the Garganta del Diablo Station.  The walk on the footbridge took us 15 minutes to get to the Devil’s Throat balcony.


The Devil’s Throat is massive.  Water kept spraying everywhere and I was worried about my DSLR.  There was a full rainbow over the falls.  Here’s a great shot of us with the rainbow for our project. 


It was a cool sight to see.  Although there was lots of mist so it was a bit hard to see.

We got the train to the Cataratas Station. 


We walked along the footbridge seeing many of the falls like Salto Dos Hermanos, Salto Chico and Salto Ramirez.  These falls were pretty, but I think the Devil’s Throat was more impressive.


The Iguazú Falls was a lovely sight.  I still think one of the most impressive things I’ve seen is Halong Bay in Vietnam. 

We got the train back at 5:50 pm.  Ivan and I were thinking of getting the bus back, but weren’t sure when it would show up.  So, we got a taxi back to the hostel.

That night, we went to the seafood restaurant Agva Restaurant for dinner.  Ivan and I shared the river fish croquettes for a starter.  We shared a half bottle of Malbec wine.  Lil Dave got a banana and fish salad. 


Ivan and I shared the Surubi (local fish) skewers and stuffed Paco (river fish) with grated asparagus, onion jam and heart of palm ragu.  It was a delicious meal.


Juneau what I mean?

On June 19, 2012, Ivan and I were woken up from a deep sleep AGAIN from the stupid announcement about where to get off the boat in the room at 7:15 am.  We were not impressed!!!! Especially as this was the second morning in a row this had happened! And it wasn’t as if it was an emergency announcement or some interesting news (like somebody jumping overboard). And the boat wasn’t even docked yet – AND it was only 7:15 in the morning! If we were a couple who only got a couple of weeks vacation per year and we came on this cruise to relax and SLEEP in, then there would have been hell to pay!

I fell back asleep again but Ivan got up and went to get some breakfast upstairs. Then, once I woke up, we both went up to breakfast, and Ivan got his second breakfast while I got my first.

Soon after, we headed off the boat, and after walking around the town for a little bit, took the bus to the Mendenahall Glacier. After about 30 minutes driving on one of the only roads in Juneau (Juneau is a landlocked capital and there is only really one main road in town which just stops at the glacier), we arrived at the glacier and everyone piled out looking up in awe at the beautiful site before us.


We took a little walk to the Nugget falls. It was beautiful surroundings.


We then walked back and started on the Marine Ecology trail which was nice but not nice enough for our threshold of what we judge a nice walk to be. I mean it was a nice enough walk, but we couldn’t see the glacier as it was in forest and seeing as we were in town for the purpose of seeing the glacier we decided to turn around and head back.


We jumped back on the bus back to town and then entered the Red Dog Saloon which was an old saloon which apparently has been around for ‘years and years’.  The bar has a gun owned by Wyatt Earp.

We parked ourselves down at the bar, and ordered a Duck Fart shot which sounds a lot more exciting than it actually was (the combination of Baileys, Kahlua, and Crown Royal is not really going to win any awards at the national cocktail making competition (does that kind of event even exist? If not, it should, and hey I will volunteer to judge it!!)).


We then shared a smoked salmon chowder and a salmon wrap, both of which were very tasty. Lil Dave got a banana chowder which he reported as tasting pretty good. He also tried a monkey fart shot which was lemon juice, banana juice, and a small twist of lime.


After staying for a while and listening to the entertaining piano player Baldini, we headed out, walked around town for a little bit, and then went back home – a la the cruise ship.

Every day on this cruise we seem to have been getting really tired during the afternoon. Its not as if we are not sleeping much – I mean we are probably sleeping much less than we sleep in Vegas…maybe its because we are eating so much food, and the bed in our room really is quite comfy….

So we got a nap, then headed off to the show for that evening which was this black comedian James Stephens III who did the kind of show that makes you think after 30 minutes ‘When is the comedy going to start’?! He was really terrible. He was meant to be an impressionist also, but his impressions were even worse than his jokes! We left way before he finished and went back to our room to get ready for the evening.

After showering we headed off the martini bar where we got a martini flight (shown below) while drawing funny and rude pictures in the ice on the counter (not shown below).


We then headed to dinner. There were some champagne glasses on our table and we wondered why we had them. We soon learnt why – Theresa had been proposed to by her boyfriend while up on the glacier today! So they celebrated by sharing their champagne with us! It was yet again a very enjoyable dinner, and the two hours just flew by with lots of fun, engaging conversation. The food was the usual story – some of it pretty tasting, some of it Denny’s quality. But of course the good thing with cruise ship food is if something is not that great, you can just ask for something else! And although the waiter probably is calling you greedy behind you back, at least this way you can keep on ordering something until something tastes good!

I think we ate about 5 courses during dinner! Luckily they are not huge portions though, so we weren’t too stuffed afterwards.

After dinner we headed up to the Cosmos lounge to watching ‘Dancing with the Officers’ which was enjoyable and consisted of the passengers dancing with the officers from the boat set to live music from the house band. The unfunny comedian from earlier in the evening was one of the judges and he at least confirmed that our opinion of him from earlier was not due to the fact that our stomachs were empty..nope…even with a ton of food inside us and a bunch of drinks he still failed to raise even a smile!

After the event we headed to the room and bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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